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OCIC is a thriving community of Ontario-based organizations and individuals working for sustainable solutions to global poverty challenges.

Current Programs

AGM Group Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting and Symposia is an opportunity to meet OCIC members, partners and colleagues, to participate in the governance of the Council, and to share, learn and influence our collective ways forward.

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OCIC supports the capacity-building needs of members and other key stakeholders through webinars, workshops, Annual General Meetings and other events and trainings. These are organized in collaboration with members, volunteers and other relevant organizations or institutions.

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Consultation for Canada's National Strategy event info

With funding from the Government of Canada, OCIC engaged with diverse communities and stakeholders in Canada’s 2030 Agenda National Strategy by identifying priorities in specific Diaspora, Disability-Inclusion and Indigenous communities, and exploring how the strategy might contribute to their achievement.

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Group at Gender Equality Hub

OCIC’s Gender Equality Hub is a ‘community of practice’ that seeks to actively examine how a gender transformative and intersectional approach to development can shape our work towards universal sustainable development, and how we can work together to identify gaps and challenges and mobilize around current opportunities.

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Global Citizens Forum

OCIC’s Global Citizens Forum brings together international cooperation sector leaders and practitioners, issue-specific experts, advocates, academics, funders, and youth to strengthen individual and collective capacity, and increase multi- stakeholder dialogue on issues most affecting youth globally.

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Inter-Council Network

The Inter-Council Network (ICN) is a dynamic network of provincial and regional member-based Councils for International Cooperation committed to social justice and social change.

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International Development Week (IDW) is a uniquely Canadian annual initiative established in 1991. Held in February each year, IDW engages Canadians on global issues, and celebrates Canadian contributions towards international cooperation.

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Tapestry 2030

Tapestry 2030 is our eight-part podcast and illustration series focused on the future of international cooperation and global solidarity, and the partnerships needed for gender transformative, sustainable development.

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OCIC Tapestry 2030

Transformations is a collaborative photojournalism project intended to increase dialogue and further understanding of international partnerships that address complex global challenges.

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Group at Youth Policy-Makers Hub

The Youth Policy-Makers Hub (YPH) is a signature initiative of OCIC’s Community Engagement and Learning programs, that engages diverse youth from across Ontario in international cooperation policy processes in support of Gender Equality, Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) action areas, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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